Why should a book in German language only attract me ?

This book on German glider designer Hans Jacobs opens a new era of aviation history documentation. While part one is focussed on the person Hans Jacobs, the other parts are focussed on the aircraft and their histories - a unique separation, which fits togehter in a fantastic way.
The first part is in chronological order and reports on his life on the Wasserkuppe and Darmstadt, with all gliding pioneers around him and what happened when. The pictures are focussed on people, gliding and shapshots of history.
The second part describes the gliders and motor aircraft designed his early time as assistant to Alexander Lippisch. Lippisch did the first draft, and Jacobs did the detail work. Find the normal-type gliders and the famous flying wings her - as well as Dagling and Falcon !
The third part is the biggest one, describing his designs from sport gliders to military assault gliders DFS 230 and DFS 331. You also find Slingsby and EoN there! Also his basic research work on airbrakes, balloon cutters and safety of gliders is described.

Part four has the focus on this work for Messerschmitt. Not only he built wooden tailplanes for Bf 109, he was in charge of the detail layout and prototype building of Me 328B. Even the production planning is here as reprints from original factory planning - in color. By the end of the war, he designed and built wooden tailplanes for the world's first operational jet fighter, the Me 262. Even more, there are pictures of wooden Me 262 wings on the testbench and Me 262 wooden fuselage!


Please click on "Blick ins Buch" and download for free a pdf-file, which shows more on the content. There is at least one double-page of each part.


This book is consisting of 2 separate books and is in German language only.

On the 648 pages you can find 557 pictures in very good quality, mainly unpublished material from hidden archives and finds in private collections.
In addition, 106 original documents like pages from the flight logs of Hans Jacobs, Heinz Scheidhauer and even Hanna Reitsch, different brochures on "Weihe" glider or postcards and title page of "Habicht" manual. Of these pictures and documents, 60 are in color.


44 3-view drawings of gliders, of which 17 are brand new and in color, made by famous Vincent Cockett and very detailed. The new ones are: Rhönadler (incl. additional nose and 2 additional rudders), Rhönbussard, Rhönsperber (including 2 additional rudders), Sperber Sperber Junioir, Sperber Senior, Seeadler, Kranich, Kranich II, Wolkenkranich (high-altitude Kranich), Habicht (2 fuselage lengths, 4 different wings), DFS 230 (early version with one-piece canopy), Reiher III (including different canopy drawings of Reiher I and II), Weihe (incl. one additional nose), Meise, DFS 331, Kranich III and Messerschmitt Me 328 B V1!

In addition, side views of the prototype Kranich and Liegekranich (prone-pilot Kranich) are there.


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Comment from a reader: Herr Ocker,
Thanks very much for providing the translated captions. As a very satisfied owner of your books, I would like to compliment you on their quality.  The organization, layout, image quality, and binding are at the same level as the very best in the industry, and the detailed content and footnoting are a testament to the depth of your research.  Thanks for the great work!


Another comment from Brazil:
"Yesterday night I received a huge packet with the two volume book on the life and work of Hans Jacobs. I loved the books even without opening them, the covers are beautiful, but nothing prepared me for what was hidden inside. I was simply overwhelmed by a deluge of facts and magnificent images.
There it was, our long term friend Hols der Teufel and a never ending display of elegant and fascinating gliders. For the first time in my life I saw crystal clear photos of Lippisch's early gliders and what to say about the coverage of the mysterious Me 328. As a coup de grace I received a Me 262 made of wood! Too much for my poor brain. The book has a beautiful design and is a feast for the eyes and it will take me months to fully grasp its contents."

Free download: English captions of all pictures in both books!

Please find 2 pdf-files for free download. They contain english captions of the books, so any non-german-speaking reader may get detailed information on the pictures. The captions are longer than in German (and in the book), as they contain some more information.

English captions of Volume I (book with red stripes)
English captions Vol I.pdf
PDF-Dokument [151.6 KB]
English captions of Volume II (book with blue stripes)
English captions Vol II.pdf
PDF-Dokument [180.2 KB]